Important policies for service provision

Important policies for service provision

Termination of Dable service

  • Registering contents unsuitable for partnership: If contents that are unsuitable for partnership with Dable is registered after account application has been approved, ad service may be terminated without prior notice.
  • Adding a widget script for an approved website to an unapproved website: Adding a widget code for an approved website to an unapproved website may result in termination of services for both the unapproved and the approved website.
  • Excessive invalid revenue ratio: Dable has an “invalid click” policy to protect the interests of the media company and the advertiser.
    An “invalid click” is a click that aims to induce charge to an advertiser or increase a media company’s revenue, either intentionally or unintentionally.
    Dable has developed an independent technology to analyze all ad clicks to recognize all intentional or unintentional click activities that result in the advertiser being charged.

The following items detail the conditions of an invalid click and such activities may become grounds for termination of service.

  1. Cases where the administrator directly clicks an ad displayed on a website
  2. Cases where the same user clicks on an ad repeatedly within a designated period
  3. Repetitive ad clicks or impressions by more than one user
  4. Cases where a website directly induces a visitor to click on an ad
    (For example, statements asking users to click on an ad)
  5. Cases using an external software (automatic click tools, traffic source, bots, and other fraudulent software) to create clicks.

The above is not an all-inclusive list of cases considered as invalid clicks. Invalid clicks by a media company may cause trust issues, resulting in lowered CPC rates. Please take care to ensure that not even a single invalid click occurs.

Notification of site termination

If terminating the operation of a website currently using Dable services, please inform us of the termination via email.