Widget optimization

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Widget optimization

1. Article_bottom widget

A widget that is most effective when placed at the end of a content, or in the bottom section of a content.
As contents that target the interests of a visitor are recommended while at the same time providing ads that is related to the body of the contents, the bottom section is the best location for maximizing ad revenue.
Please take care of the location as adding this widget to the top section may have an adverse effect on the purpose of the visitor and result in an early exit.

2. Sidebar widget

A widget that is optimized for side areas (left and right of the body). You can use this widget in addition to the bottom section widget to increase ad revenue. If you are using a theme among CMS that do not provide side areas, left or right widgets may not show..

3. Secret widget

A secret widget is shown when a visitor who has consumed a content up to the mid- or bottom sections scroll back up to the top.
The widget is hidden when first landing on the page and is only displayed when a visitor has consumed the content to a certain point then scroll back up, and is best located immediately before or after the content title.
It can be used simultaneously with the bottom section widget to serve both a visitor who has read the entirety of the content or a visitor who scroll back up after reading a content halfway through.

4. In-article widget

이As its name implies, this widget is displayed in the midst of the body.
It can be difficult to cater to visitors who close the window after reading a content halfway through using the bottom section widget or the secret widget.
By using the in-article widget, recommended contents and native ads are displayed together in the middle of a content to entice a visitor to a different content or click on an ad.

5.  Infinite feed widget or Full-width widget

Infinite feed widget and bottom section full widget is best used at the very bottom section of a websites, generally a location that is difficult to generate revenue. 

[1] An infinite feed widget increases the widget slot number as a visitor scrolls down, displaying contents and ads according to the wants of a reader. This allows 120% utilization of the bottom-most section, an area with the lowest revenue rate.

인피니트 피드 위젯

[2] A Full-width widget is a widget developed for the bottom-most section as with the infinite feed widget, and is designed to occupy 100% of a website’s horizontal area. With an eye-catching look designed to attract visitors, it has an UI layout to give contents a rich feeling, 

This post is also available in: 한국어 繁體中文 Indonesia Tiếng Việt