Understanding Performance Data

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This is an overview of indices used in the Performance page.

  • Impressions: Number of times users have reached a page of a site where the ad was displayed.
  • Viewable Impressions: Number of times users have reached an area where the ad was displayed. It refers to users’ actual viewing of ads and is a basis for calculating CTR.
  • Clicks: Indicates how many times users have clicked your ad.
  • vCTR: This is calculated by dividing Clicks by Viewable Impressions.
  • CPC : Cost per click. CPC is the actual price you pay for one click, not a bidding price
  • Spent: Total amount spent in the campaign.

The following indices can be found on your performance data when you set up conversion tracking for specific user actions/events and such events occur. To track conversions, you need to install Dable’s conversion script or implement Mobile App Attribution Tool.

  • The following indices will appear on your performance data based on the events you are tracking. : view, search, cart, wishlist, checkout, add payment info, purchase, lead, registration, install, re-install, re-engagement, login, app-open, sns, event1, event2, event3
  • Conversions(all):This is the sum of all conversion events.
  • Conversion Rate: This is calculated by dividing the number of conversion by the number of clicks.

If you created your content by using Dable Content, conversion actions/events will be automatically tracked even if you did not install Dable’s conversion script. The following explains when a tracking event is collected:

  • Leads: A lead is collected when a user leaves the page by clicking on a logo, an image, a ‘Share via SNS’ button or a play button on a video.
  • Registration: If you use the lead collection form, a conversion is calculated when a user submits his/her info. This info can be found under the Lead collection menu in the marketing dashboard.

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This post is also available in: 한국어