Review Reco. performance

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Review recommendation performance

Publishers who use Dable’s recommendation widget can review recommendation outcome through the Reco.Performance in the Admin dashboard.

Recommendation CTR

The percentage of recommendation clicks compared to the total widget impressions.
Hourly data can be viewed up to one month, and retrieved up to 31 days at a time.
Daily, weekly, and monthly data can be viewed up to one year, and retrieved up to 365 days at a time.

If using multiple widgets, individual widgets can be selected. Rate of the number of recommendation clicks per algorithm may also be reviewed. You can review how many users clicked on items recommended by different algorithms through the rate of the number of recommendation clicks.

PV per User

Average number of item pages viewed by one unique visitor.
You can review total number of users and page views as well as compare total page views per user in terms of page views per number of users who clicked on a recommendation widget to total page views per visitor. This data can also be reviewed by monthly, weekly, daily and hourly categories. 

Widget Viewabililty

The percentage of the widget visible to visitors. The higher the reach, the more exposure the widget gets. Moving the widget to the top will increase your ad revenue as well as traffic.

Article Consumption

Number of items viewed by visitors. This provides the total number of items consumed by a visitor, minus repeated items, by monthly, weekly or daily categories. Compare item consumption before and after adding Dable recommendation widget to see how much item consumption the recommendation widget is responsible for.

This post is also available in: 한국어