Prohibited products or services

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Prohibited products or services

Common matters

  • Products or services aimed at adults
    Adult services or contents, adult shows, adult communities, adult products, as well as thumbnails and landing pages with excessive exposure, explicit and obscene expressions
  • Gambling or betting
    All kinds of gambling and betting (Gambling, Casino games, lotto, horse racing, bicycle racing, motorboat racing, sports betting, lottery, etc. Korea’s online go-stop, online poker games, etc.)
  • Arms and ammunitions, explosives
    All kinds of firearm: Firearm parts, ammunition (including paintball guns, bb guns) and related parts, etc.
    All kinds of weapons, including self-defense devices: taser guns, defensive weapons, non-cooking knives, etc. Fireworks, explosives of all kinds, etc.
    Any kind of content that introduces a gun brand or promotes branding
  • Illegal products and services
    Illegal drugs, Counterfeit goods & Copyrighted contents (Sites, software, or toolbars that enable unauthorized streaming, sharing, copying, or downloading of copyrighted contents)
  • Products that are prohibited from being sold or distributed online
    Not allowed
  • Inappropriate advertising
    Militancy, Extremism, Racism, Hatred, Violence, Hostility between Countries, Leverage fear, Tragedy
  • Discriminatory practice
    Content that promotes or promotes hatred, discrimination, or demeaning against a specific individual or group based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and characteristics that may be subject to structural discrimination or alienation

Prohibited products or services and Precautions by country

Please note that not all legal requirements of the countries listed below are included, and that advertisers are responsible for investigating and complying with local laws in the business operations and advertising areas. For all countries, the above Common matters is the default.

  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Not allowed
  • Alcohol
    Ads that do not include online sales, allowing only advertisements whose purpose is to raise awareness of the brand
    Only authorized Korean traditional liquor can advertise for online sales
  • Crypto Currency & Block Chain
    Crypto-currency, related products and services are complex and constantly changing the relevant regulations, so advertising can be interrupted by changes in government or Dable policy
  • F/X margin trading
    Advertising is allowed only for companies registered with the Financial Services Commission and whose information is verified on the financial company inquiry page
  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Not allowed
  • Alcohol
    Allowed if the thumbnail image contains consumer warnings such as ‘No drinking and driving’, if it contains health risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Alcohol
    Not allowed
  • Superstition
    Mystical contents (Tarot card, Crystal stone, Ghost cleanser, Chakra, Amulets, etc.)
  • Massage parlor, Karaoke, Discotheque
    Including job vacancy in a related area
  • Others
    Some allowed content might be prohibited by some niche media (e.g. islamic website)
  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Ads that do not include online sales, allowing only advertisements whose purpose is to raise awareness of the brand
  • Alcohol
    Allowed less than 15 degrees
  • Crypto Currency & Block Chain
    Not allowed
  • Breast milk substitute for children under 24 months old
    Dairy being breast milk substitute for children under 24 months old
    Nutritional supplements for children under 06 months old, artificial feeding bottles and pacifiers are not allowed
  • Political and electoral advertisements
    Any kind of political advertisements are prohibited. Any images of political figures are not allowed unless advertising contracts with the figures exist

Basic requirements for advertisement in VN

  • All advertisers are required to submit business registration
  • In case of *Special category, it is additionally required to submit category license and Certification of advertisement content

Special Category

– medicines
– cosmetics
– food and food additives
– chemicals, preparation for killing insects
– antiseptic for families and health care
– medical equipment
– dairy products and nutritional supplements for children
– medical services
– plant protection medicine, plant protection drug materials, useful organisms serving plant protection – veterinary medicine, and veterinary supplies
– fertilizers, biological preparations serving farming, animal feed, biological preparations serving breeding, plant varieties and animal breeds

Additional restrictions on advertising content

  • Expression restrictions
    – In some industries, Using the exaggerated expressions which are not approved in “Certification of advertisement content” on the thumbnails & landing pages is prohibited
    (e.g. a non-medicine product, such as by adding a Doctor image or comment to induce it to be mistaken for a drug, or by advertising a medical effect, etc.)
    – Using advertisement inartistically, contrary to Vietnam’s history, culture, ethics and traditional customs
    – Using advertisements that degrade the respectability of the National flag, the National emblem, the National anthem, the Party’s flag, national heroes, cultural celebrities, the leaders of the State and the Party
    – Using users’ testimonials and reviews (such as users’ appreciation messages) as a way to advertise health functional foods is restricted.
  • For functional food advertisements, cautionary phrases in the landing are required.

* CHÚ Ý: Thực phẩm không phải là thuốc và không có tác dụng thay thế thuốc chữa bệnh. Không sử dụng cho người mẫn cảm với bất cứ thành phần nào của sản phẩm or equivalent.
* WARNING: this is not a medicine and has no effect as a substitute for medicament. Do not use on people who are sensitive to any ingredients of this product.

  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Ads that do not include online sales, allowing only advertisements whose purpose is to raise awareness of the brand
  • Alcohol
Hong Kong
  • Alcohol
    Not allowed
  • Political and electoral advertisements
    Elections, political parties, political organizations, Imply false official government association are not allowed
  • Over the counter treatments
    All advertised pharmacies must be registered with the Drug Office of the Department of Health. Advertisers must comply with the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance. Advertising related to specific diseases, conditions, and health claims is restricted. Unregistered pharmaceutical products may not be advertised
  • Medicine, Surgical treatment, Device can prevent or cure corona-virus
    Not allowed
  • Financial Service
    Advertisements for investment products requiring authorisation by the Securities and Futures Commission (e.g. unit trusts, mutual funds, mandatory provident fund products, etc.) should not be made unless they are authorised by the Securities and Futures Commission
  • Real Estate
    Lowest selling price should be stated as such and should not create an impression to viewers that it is the average price
  • Promoting by Contest / Gaming
    Anyone who wishes to conduct a trade promotion competition in Hong Kong must apply for a Trade Promotion Competition License (TPCL)from the public officer appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs
  • Medicines
    To advertise medical, cosmetic and beauty products and services approved by each registration authority, contact
  • Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Selling
    Prohibits the registration of a company or business that purports to promote pyramid selling schemes or arrangement.
  • National Emblems
    Regulates public displays of the state flag, state crest, National Anthem or flags of other countries that are prohibited by law for commercial use.
  • Sale of Infant Food
    Not allowed
  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Including imitation tobacco products
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco, Cigarette, Vape related products
    Not allowed
  • Alcohol
    Ads that promote positive values to the society, without displaying the alcohol product and/or its packaging are allowed
    Logo can be displayed at the end of the ad content and its proportion cannot exceed 5% of the content
    Ads can run only between 10PM and 5AM and must include mandatory health warning statements
  • Political and electoral advertisements
    Ads cannot advertise or disseminate results of an opinion poll relating to voting in an election and referendum within 7 days before an election until the end of the voting period
  • Royal defamation
    Contents that defame, insult, threaten the King, Queen, and the Heir-apparent are prohibited
    Use of the marks or emblem in relation to the Royal family without official permission is prohibited
  • Medical devices and drugs
    FDA advertising approval is required
    Specially controlled drugs can only be advertised to medical practitioners
  • Medical facilities and services
    Advertising approval from Department of Health Service Support is required
    – Such requirement is exempt when the ad contains only the name and address of the medical facility
    Advertising of medical, pharmaceutical, dental, nursing and midwifery professionals as a specialist is allowed only when holding a license in that field
  • Food and food supplements
    Ads of food that include the benefits, qualities or properties of that food (e.g. nutrient content claims) must be submitted for review and approval by the FDA
    Ad contents of food illustrating therapeutic and/or medicinal properties are considered as exaggerated, hence not allowed
    Ads for food and supplementary food for infants (0-3 years old) are not allowed
  • Digital token
    Offering of newly issued digital tokens is monitored by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    Advertisers shall closely consult with relevant agency
  • Real estate
    Advertising of condominiums is permitted only to those who are granted for sale by the regulatory authority
  • Film and video
    Advertising of film and video requires permission from the authority
  • Intellectual property
    Use of the ® symbol is only permitted only if registered in Thailand
  • Legal services
    Ads of legal services must not contain rates and/or fees; statement indicating ‘free of charge’; and names, qualifications, positions, addresses in a boastful manner
  • Lucky draw promotions
    Content on granting prizes or gifts (e.g. lucky draw campaign content for a product or a service), please contact

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This post is also available in: 한국어 繁體中文 Tiếng Việt