Mini Contents

Mini Contents

Mini Contents is one of the templates provided in Dable Content. It shows your content on a pop-up window, so users don’t need to move to another page. You can select this option in the Create Content page.

  • Supports large images (recommended size is 1200 x 650) to show advertiser’s product/service.
  • Template blends in the page and does not interfere with user experience.
  • You can add lead collection form and add or change criteria (such as name, contact number, etc) to meet your needs. You can also create custom questions. This standard lead form allows users to submit their data within a short time, helping you to secure potential customers with low cost.

    More on Lead Collection 

Mini Contents is good for:

  • Pre-set, custom questions let users submit their data in no time.
  • Does not interfere with user experience as pop-up window is quickly loaded and it is easy to go back to the original page.

  • By setting an alarm, you can check leads responses as soon as customers submit their answers.
  • Sales team can start their work right away.

  • You can attract users in various ways.
  • Various types of form can be used, such as promotion/event signups, request for quotes, etc.

  • With Dable Mini Contents ad, you can create contents and add custom questions in simple steps, without the need to create event landing pages or promotion sites.