Mini content

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Mini content

Mini Contents is one of the templates provided in Dable Content. It shows your content on a pop-up window, so users don’t need to move to another page.

Why use Mini content?

  • Does not interfere with user experience as it blends in well with the surroundings.
  • Our lead collection form allows you to add or edit data fields (e.g. name or phone number) according to your needs. You can also create customized questions. This standardized form helps people submit their data in no time, and you can generate more leads with less money.

Purpose of Mini content

Mini content is good for the following purposes:

  • Pre-set, custom questions let users submit their data in no time.
  • Does not interfere with user experience as pop-up window is quickly loaded and it is easy to go back to the original page.

  • By setting an alarm, you can check leads responses as soon as customers submit their answers.
  • Sales team can start their work right away.

  • You can attract users in various ways.
  • Various types of form can be used, such as promotion/event signups, request for quotes, etc.

  • With Dable Mini Contents ad, you can create contents and add custom questions in simple steps, without the need to create event landing pages or promotion sites.

Create Mini Content type content

1. Select ‘Mini Content type’

To start creating a content, select ‘Mini Content type’ under Dable Content.

2. Add content details

Add ad title, ad description and an image. Enable tracking feature if needed. For details on how to create a content, click here.

3. Create Mini content

  • Mini content consists of an image, an ad text, and a lead collection form.

Select content type

Add your image and ad text according to the Guide.

  • Add a big size image (1200x650px recommended) that represents your product or service.
  • You can see how your content will look like through the ‘Preview’ window on the right side.

Lead collection form template

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, advertisers running lead collection campaigns (i.e. campaigns that collect users’ personal data such as names, phone numbers, email address, etc.) targeting Korea must include the ‘Agreement of Collection and Usage of Personal Information’ checkbox and a URL that links to the advertisers’ ‘Privacy Policy’ in the lead collection form.

  • ‘The Agreement of Collection and Usage of Personal Information’ is automatically created within Mini content.
  • To add the URL that links to your ‘Privacy Policy’, go to ‘Other Settings’ and enter the URL in the ‘Privacy Policy’ field.
  • If you enable ‘Email Notification’ under ‘Other Settings’, you will be notified by email whenever a lead is collected.

For details on ‘Privacy Policy’, click here.

To learn how to create an effective lead collection form, click here

4. Request for review

Have a final look at your content and if there is nothing to change, request for review. Dable checks to see if the content complies with Dable’s Content Review Guide. Only approved content can be served on partner sites.

  • Operation hours for content review is 10 AM to 6 PM every weekdays, and contents are reviewed in maximum 4 hours.
  • Please prepare your contents with enough time, considering image creation period and unexpected factors (like content disapproval).

5. See your leads

You can see collected leads in ‘Lead Collection’.

You can also get email notifications whenever a lead is collected by enabling ‘Email Notification’ under ‘Other Settings’.

This post is also available in: 한국어