Manage content

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Manage content

You can see all created or in-progress content under Content Status on the Content Management page.

① Content’s status. One of the following status is given – Saved as draft, In Review, or Disapproved. Checkbox will appear for approved content. ② Content’s unique ID. ③ Content’s thumbnail image. ④ Content type and title. ‘Native’ indicates Dable Content, ‘Outlink’ indicates Outlink content type that links to external links. ⑤ Content’s response index.The day the content was created.The ad page your content is linked to is opened in a new tab.You can copy an existing content.

Content status

Saved as draft

If you need to pause for a moment during content creation, click the ‘Next (Saved as draft)’ button.

Saved content can be found on the Content page, with pink background. Its status will be set to ‘Saved as draft’. Simply click on the ‘Edit’ button to continue creating.

In Review (Requested for review)

After configuring all settings and details, click on the ‘Request Review’ button to request for review.

Content’s status will be set to ‘In Review’ status, with pink background. Review requests will be processed in the order they were received.


Content that does not comply with Dable’s Content Review Guide will be disapproved in the review process.

Disapproved content will be shown with orange background on the Content Management page and its status will be set to ‘Disapproved’. Check the reasons of disapprovement and modify as needed. Then, reapply for review.

Content ID (Approved)

Only approved content can be served on sites. You can create campaigns with approved contents only.

A unique ID is given to an approved content. Checkbox will also appear on the left side.

 If you see “This content contains sensitive expressions and may be limited to be served on certain media.” on your screen

What does this message mean?

If there is any sensitive expression in your thumbnail image, ad title or ad descriptions, you will see this message under your content with ⚠ icon.

Even if your ad adheres to Dable’s ad policy and is eligible to be served on the network, Dable may determine that the content is sensitive if:

  • the content may offend users
  • the content highlights certain body parts or shows excessively exposed body parts (e.g. swimsuits, athletic wear, bosom, top of a head, gum)
  • the content negatively illustrates others’ body parts (e.g. belly fat, bald head)
  • the content has sexually offensive expressions
  • the content shows disgusting images of diseased areas (e.g. pimples, dead skin, blood vessels, internal organs, braces)
  • the content shows images that are hard to identify (e.g. x-ray photos, cells)

This message doesn’t mean that your content was denied after review. It means that while all of your content has been reviewed and can be served on the network, some of them may not be served on certain media.

Dable’s affiliated partners modify in real-time the category, content, and ad slots of ads that will be served on their media. Some media may limit ads that are categorized as sensitive from being served on their media.

Is it mandatory to change the content if this message shows?

Users meet with advertisers through ads. High-quality content is helpful in creating positive images of brands and enhancing brand loyalty.

We recommend refraining from using sensitive content, but it does not mean that all sensitive content will result in low ad performance. So please check the performance of each content before making changes.

Response index

A Response Index is a measure that shows how much response your content got from the target audience. Higher the index, higher the possibility of being served than other ads. So maintaining a high level of response index is very important.

How do we come up with the Response Index?

When estimating a Response Index, we consider various factors such as CTR, impressions, reach, etc

When can you view the Response Index?

Response index is shown only if your content has received over 5,000 impressions and 500 clicks over the last 7 days. Besides these two factors, other factors such as media and campaign period are also considered in the calculation process.

💡  Replacing the content only to improve the Response Index is not recommended. If you don’t have any problem with the budget spending and the KPI is achieved, there is no need to put in too much effort into improving this index.


My Response Index is shown as (-).

If your response index is not shown, it means that the factors mentioned above did not reach the required threshold. The response index will show up once the threshold is reached.

How are Response Index and CTR different?

Factors used to calculate CTR are impressions and clicks. For Response Index, however, relative performance among other contents within the same area where the content is being served is also included..

If the portion of impressions and clicks generated in areas with high CTR is significant, the CTR will be high, but the Response Index may be lower compared to other content.

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This post is also available in: 한국어