Manage campaigns

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Manage campaigns

You can see campaigns you have created or saved as drafts on the Campaign Management page.

Select button will be activated for campaigns that are eligible for budget resetting.
If you want to reset a campaign’s budget, select the campaign here.
 Click the Preview button to see how your campaign is shown on Dable’s partner media sites in PC or mobile environment.
Title of your campaign.
Campaign’s budget option and the amount.
Total amount spent throughout the campaign’s period.
Amount spent for today.
 Campaign’s minimum CPC. This amount is different depending on the industry.
⑧ The day campaign was created.
⑨ Toggle switch to activate/inactivate the campaign. Your campaign needs to be activated to serve ads.
⑩ First exposure ratio and frequency.
⑪ Button to delete the campaign. You can only delete a campaign if it is inactive and has never spent budget before.
Click this button to move all remaining budgets of expired campaigns to the Remaining Budget.

Change campaign budget

Change budget spending options

You can change the budget spending option you chose during campaign creation. If the campaign is active, you can change the option 6 hours after deactivating it.

  1. Change the campaign status to Inactive.
    • If you are changing the budget option of an active campaign, you need to wait for 6 hours after deactivating it. This is because there may be differences in the spent amount as ad serving and clicks happen real-time.
  2. Click the campaign you want to change and select the wanted budget spending option in ‘Set period/budget’. Then click Save.

Change budget amount

On the campaign’s page

Click the title of the campaign you want to change and change the budget amount in the ‘Set period/budget’ tab.

On the Campaign Management page

You can change the budget amount directly in the campaign list on Campaign Management page instead of moving to an individual campaign page. Hover the mouse over the Budget column and click on the ‘Change Budget’ button that appears.


One of my campaigns using Total Budget has now expired. I want to move its remaining budget to another campaign.

You can do this by clicking on the ‘Reset Total Budget’ button. If your campaign using the Total Budget option has expired, you can move the remaining budget to the Remaining Budget. Select the expired campaign in the Campaign Management page and then click the ‘Reset Total Budget’ button. Or, click on the campaign and set the budget amount to 0 in the Set period/budget tab.

  • Total budget: Refers to the budget exclusively allocated to a campaign. This campaign will spend the total budget amount, or the amount allocated to the campaign until the spend limit has been lifted.
  • Remaining budget: Refers to the budget that has not been allocated to any campaign.

Change maximum CPC

You can change the campaign’s maximum CPC. We give you a granular control, so you can change CPC for each device/media type/site.

  • You will set a maximum CPC. We say ‘maximum,’ because the actual amount advertisers pay may be less than this amount. There can be various types of discounts, such as vCPM and media.
  • Minimum CPC is different depending on the account’s country and industry. You cannot set CPC amount less than the minimum CPC. If you need support on minimum CPC, please click here.
Adjust your CPC to increase ad’s priority and viewability.

When choosing which ads to serve on partner sites, factors such as campaign’s targeting, content quality, and media’s ad serving policy are considered. Many advertisers compete for an ad space, and usually campaigns with high CPC or high-quality content win.

For details on CPC bidding settings, click here.

For example, if you increase CPC from 250 KRW to 280 KRW, viewability will increase by 12%. If it is difficult to increase CPC, try creating a high-quality content to increase viewability.

Preview campaigns

You can preview how your campaigns are shown in Dable’s partner sites. PC and mobile versions are provided.

  • Go to Campaign Management – Click on the ‘Preview’ button on the left side of the campaign title – Click on the media and device you want to preview – Check ‘You may also like’ section at the bottom of the site.

First exposure ratio & Frequency

Refers to yesterday’s first exposure ratio and frequency. You can see a 7-day trend by clicking on the graph.

  • First exposure ratio: Percentage of users who saw your campaign for the first time. Calculated by dividing the number of first-viewers by the total number of impressions on a given day.
  • Frequency: Number of how many times a user has seen the ad. Calculated by dividing the number of impressions by reach.

First exposure ratio and frequency are supplementary measures to understand your campaign’s performance. To learn more on how to use these data when managing campaigns, click here.

Add, delete, or change content

You can add, delete, or change your content even after the campaign is created. You can even add more content to Single Content Campaigns, too!

💡 We recommend adding at least 3 content within a campaign. Try adding content with a high response index! High quality content is prioritized in ad serving.

① Add content

Campaign Management – Select the campaign – Click the ‘Add Content’ button – Click ▼ and select content to add – ‘Save’

② Delete content

Campaign Management – Select the campaign – Click the ‘Delete’ button at the right side of the content – ‘Save’

③ Change content

Campaign Management – Select the campaign – Click ▼ beside the content you want to change and select a content in the list – ‘Save’


If there is more than one content in a campaign, how are they prioritized in serving?

Content that is most wanted (selected) by users will be automatically chosen.

Delete or hide campaign

You can delete a campaign that has not been activated. You can also hide campaigns that are currently not in use.

① Delete campaign

  • Campaign Management – Click the ‘Delete’ button on the right side

Active campaigns or campaigns that have been activated before (and thus have spent budget) cannot be deleted. You can instead hide these campaigns from the campaign list.

Hide campaign

  • Hide campaigns that have expired or depleted their budget. To do so, change the toggle switch to ON.
  • If you want to see activated campaigns only, change the toggle switch to ON for ‘See Active Only’.

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This post is also available in: 한국어