How to Run Your Campaign Effectively

How to Run Your Campaign Effectively


  • We recommend creating various types of creatives, at least 3 in one campaign.
  • Run multiple contents together to see which one shows the highest performance. You can remove contents that are not performing well and include new ones.
  • Create various types of contents and optimize them by using indices such as response index, CTR, etc.

Ad Exposure

  • Your target could be anywhere on the network. When starting your campaign, try broadening your target rather than narrowing it. Then you can gradually narrow your target based on the performance.
  • Based on the performance, you can try out the following methods. You can also try all three at once. 1) Select media/site with high performance to expose your ad (Whitelisting) 2) Exclude media/site with low performance from exposing your ad (Blacklisting) 3) Increase CPC for media category/site with high performance to increase viewability

Conversion Script

  • Conversion refers to all the actions that a user who visited your ad’s landing page can take (such as sign-up, purchase, etc.). When you install conversion script, you can track your campaign’s goal and optimize campaign performance based on the tracking results. For more information on conversion script, please click here.

Geo Targeting

  • This targeting option is helpful for advertisers who want to show their ads on specific region. Please note that exposure may be less than campaigns that does not use Geo Targeting.


  • You can use Remarketing if you have conversion script installed.
  • You can target users who clicked on your ad or completed certain conversion actions.
  • If there is not enough parameter, there might be difficulty in ad spending. For more information on remarketing, please click here.

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