How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ②

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How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ②

This document is following How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ① 

Always keep your campaigns up to date. It is recommended to regularly check and manage your campaigns for efficiency.

If your campaign has run for some time, try optimizing it based on the performance. Optimization is performed in the following order: [Setting hypothesis] – [Execution] – [Verification] – [Improvement]. This optimization process should be endlessly performed, in order to achieve campaign goals.

💡 Please read this article to learn more about A/B tests.

Below is an instruction to optimizing performance. Please read through the checklist provided for each frequently asked question

✔️ I want more traffic.

To increase traffic, your content should have more opportunity to be shown on various networks. Dable’s ad system considers numerous factors including audience interest, campaign’s bidding price and content quality to decide what ads to show. Check your settings on content, bidding price and campaign to see if it is appropriate for gaining enough impressions.

Things to check on your content

If the content in your campaign applies to any of the following, you may need to review and change the image and/or ad title

  1. There is a warning message that says ‘This content contains sensitive expressions and may be limited to be served on certain media’.
  2. Content’s response index is less than 3 points.

Don’t forget that users see your ads in the ‘Recommended articles (content)’ section on Dable’s affiliated partner sites. If you use article-like ad titles, it will be less resistant to users and easier to reach.

Dable provides high-quality images for each category. All advertisers can use them for free.

If you need help from experts, try out Dable’s Content Creation Service. Our experts will create content of your own based on rich ad data and industry trends.

If you want to improve your Response Index, your content should have a powerful message. High quality image and strong ad copy will help you get response from users more easily. However, if your ad title and content are irrelevant, users will be likely to leave your landing page as soon as they click your ad.

Isn’t your targeting too narrow? Isn’t your media selection too limited?

Your target audience can be found in any parts of the network. Add more media to your selections to meet more target audience.

Also, Dable has Interest Targeting enabled by default. That is, you don’t have to add additional targeting settings because Dable automatically identifies similar audiences by analyzing users who have clicked on your ads and ad categories. Ads are prioritized to be served to these audiences.

💡 Budget spending may be slow if you have Remarketing or Geo Targeting on. 💡 Did you target Korea in your campaign? When serving ads, Dable prioritizes users who speak the language of the advertiser’s country/region. In other words, your ads will be prioritized to be shown to users who speak Korean or whose browsers are set to Korean in their language settings.

Adjust your CPC to increase ad’s priority and viewability

If you want to keep your targeting and increase viewability at the same time, try increasing CPC. By adjusting CPC, you can increase your ad’s priority and viewability. For example, if you increase CPC from 250 Won to 280 Won, viewability will increase by 12%.

If it is difficult to increase CPC, try creating content that has high Response Index. Quality content can have more chance to be served, as it has higher priority.

To find out the average CPC of your industry or category, please click here.

✔️ Conversion rate is low.

If you are not satisfied with conversion performance, check the following:

Is your conversion script correctly installed?

Sometimes, you may not get enough data because the script was not correctly installed. Check the following:

  • Do you have separate landing pages for PC and mobile? If so, did you install conversion scripts to each page?
  • Does the script code have your account number in it? Check the code to see if it has your account number, which is in ‘000-000-000’ format

For tips to check if your script was correctly installed, click here.

 Is your landing page relevant with your ad content?

Check if your ad has any shocking or sensational content just to get more clicks. What you advertise in your ad must be ‘easily’ found in your landing page. Try adding specific details on your products or service to your ad to earn more valid clicks and conversions.

Optimize your media selection based on performance

On Performance page, click Site in the Criteria row to see performance of each site. Try excluding sites with poor performance, but increase CPC for sites that are doing well so that they could be prioritized in serving. For more tips, please refer to the ‘Strategy suggestions — Conversions’ under the ‘Checklist per Campaign Goals.’

Find the time your budget is depleted each day

Check if your budget gets depleted even before your ad can meet target audiences. Your ad should be exposed in as much time slots as possible for Dable to learn its performance.

  • If your daily budget is less than 50,000 Won, try increasing it. We recommend 100,000 Won per day.
  • If your daily budget is over 50,000 Won, try using Even Distribution. Your ad will be evenly distributed based on the budget and time you set.
Check if there is any obstacles to user actions

Check if it’s easy to perform desired actions in your landing page. For example, if your mobile site shows lower conversion rate compared to PC site, there could be issues in your mobile site such as accessibility and speed.

✔️ Make full use of various metrics and features provided in the Marketing Dashboard.

First Exposure Ratio and Frequency

First Exposure Ratio and Frequency can be found on Campaign tab.

First Exposure Ratio refers to the number of users who saw the ad for the first time on a given date. If this number decreases, it means the number of users who saw the ad more than twice has increased.

Frequency indicates the average number of impression an ad received per unique user. Increase in frequency means that the ad has been exposed several times to target user, which means increase in brand awareness.

Either decreased First Exposure Ratio or increased Frequency means that your ad has been exposed to target users several times, which might indicate increase in brand awareness. However, if your ad is showing low performance at the same time, you should consider changing your ad content or adjusting ad scope.

Check Popular Content on Home tab

Popular Content can be found on Home tab. It shows top 3 contents based on vCTR data collected up to yesterday. Benchmark on these popular content to expand your content portfolio.

Having trouble with creating images? Image Library is here to help.

Generally, an ad shows high performance when it uses highly relevant and high quality images. Dable provides high quality image assets to advertisers for free. You can easily select images that suits your needs in the Image Library.

Creating a landing page is easy as 123 with Dable’s Editor features.

Landing pages should be easy to navigate so that users can quickly find what they want to know. Try using Dable’s Editor feature to easily create either a blog/article type content or customer DB collection type landing page. You can also conduct A/B test with the Editor!

For details on Article Type content, click here For details on Mini Content Type content, click here

If you have any questions on ad management and performance, please reach out to Dable anytime. For faster support, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link under Help Center to send your account information to us.

This post is also available in: 한국어