How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ①

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How to Run Your Campaign Effectively ①

To help those who are planning to create their campaign for the first time, we have outlined the following checklist. Before you actually create a campaign, we recommend you to review this checklist first so that you could come up with a successful and effective campaign.

General Checklist

Before starting a campaign, please read through the following list thoroughly as this checklist applies to all campaigns.

Create at least 3 contents per campaign

We recommend creating various types of content, at least 3 in one campaign. Run various types of content together to see which one shows the highest performance. Among those content, Dable automatically selects the one that is most effective within each campaign.

  • We recommend creating various types of content, at least 3 in one campaign. Run various types of content together to see which one shows the highest performance. Among those content, Dable automatically selects the one that is most effective within each campaign.
  • When creating your content for the first time, try not to create more than 9 contents (3 creatives X 3 titles). It can be difficult to analyze performance when the number of content goes over 10 from the beginning.

It is important to keep the content up to date. After running your campaign for a set period of time, try adding new content and test the performance. You can then decide which one to remove – those that show low performance. Create various types of content and make them appealing by using indices such as Response Index, CTR, etc.

Refer to effective content examples recommended by Dable

Content matters the most, as it leads customers directly to the advertisers. Best performing ads are prioritized in ad serving. If this is your first time working with Dable, please review our recommendation on best images and titles and benchmark them. You can check them right here.

Make sure your campaign has clear target and concept

Making too many campaigns from the start can leave you with too much burden. We recommend creating manageable number of campaigns first and then increasing the number over time as necessary.

Basically, optimization and competition are made on campaign level. To reduce unnecessary competition between campaigns, please set clear concept for each campaign. You can separate campaigns based on the following criteria:

  • Device (PC or mobile)
  • Product or content
  • Location

Checklist per Campaign Goals

Each campaign should have a ‘goal,’ which is something you want to achieve from your campaign via Dable Media Network. Your campaign strategy will vary depending on your goals.

Increase brand awareness

If your goal is to promote your products and services to more users, it is natural to expand your ad exposure to as many media network as possible.

💡 Do you have any PR related content you have created for your company (ex. social contribution campaigns, press releases, official blogs, etc.)? Link them with your ads. Your PR content will be exposed in ‘Recommended content’ area on Dable’s partner media sites and help spread your content more. To learn more about how other companies have successfully spread their message on Dable network, read our case studies.

Helpful metrics to measure your campaign’s success

  • Viewable impressions (VI): VI is counted when your ad is actually seen exposed to actual users.. Your brand awareness increases whenever a user sees your ad, so viewable impression is an important metric for campaigns that have brand awareness for their goal.
  • Cost per mille (CPM): CPM is calculated by dividing ad cost to 1000 viewable impressions. The lower the CPM, higher your returns on your ad spent.
  • Frequency: Average number of ads shown to 1 unique user. High frequency means your ad has been shown several times to a user which can lead to an increase in brand awareness

Content suggestions

  • Add direct messages about your brand to your thumbnail image and ad title so users can find out what your ad is about before clicking them.
  • Try to use various types of ratios, as it increases the chance of your ad being exposed to more media. Add creatives of various ratio, such as 16:10, 1:1 and 2:1. If you add a 4:3 ratio image we can automatically resize them in the marketing dashboard.

Strategy suggestions

  • We recommend not setting any targeting to your campaign for the first time , unless there is a specific reason to do so. Dable automatically applies Interest Targeting to all campaigns to help our system analyze the behavior of users who clicked your ad. Then our system identifies similar target audience and shows your ads to them.
  • Run your campaign for at least 7 days to give Dable enough time to learn about your ad performance. After that, you can filter media based on your needs.
Increase the number of landing page visits

To make users have a look at your brand, products, and services in your landing page, you must grab users’ attention and have them click your ad.

Helpful metrics to measure your campaign’s success

  • Clicks: Number of ad clicks. When a user clicks an ad, he/she will visit the landing page and look at its content.
  • vCTR: Calculated by dividing the number of clicks by viewable impressions. High vCTR indicates high number of landing page visits occurred after impression.

Content suggestions

Try to make attractive thumbnail image and ad title that will bring up users’ interest. Content should be relevant with the associated landing page. If not, users might have negative impressions on the advertiser

💡 Content should be interesting to target users, as it is the key to acquiring genuine customers.

Strategy suggestions

  • Do not set Media Targeting at the beginning of a campaign, unless there is a specific reason. Expose your ads to all media for at least 7 days and see which media brings target audiences to you.
  • Optimize your media selection based on CTR. Try removing those who have high exposure but less clicks, while increasing bid for media with high CTR so your ads will have more chance to be exposed.

If your campaign is focused on getting user actions on your landing page (ex. purchase, signing up, generating leads, app install), conversion tracking is a must.

Set conversion tracking

  • Install Dable’s conversion script. Once the conversion script is installed, it can track a user’s behavior for 15 days since the user visited your landing page. Tracking data can be found in Performance page which you can use to optimize your campaign. For detailed instructions on how to install conversion scripts, please click here. Dable also provides 3rd party tracking tools such as Appsflyer and Adbrix for advertisers using apps. To learn more about linking Appsflyer and Adbrix, please click their names.
  • Add tracking parameters to URLs. By using tracking parameters, you can find out what kind of actions a user took after visiting your landing page. Please refer to your analytics platform for details on adding parameters. Dable supports Google Analytics users to easily insert UTM tags.

Helpful metrics to measure your campaign’s success

  • Conversions: A conversion occurs when a user completes a desired action (ex. signing up, making a purchase, etc) after clicking an ad.
  • Conversion Rate (CVR): Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks. This number shows the ratio of conversions occurred, compared to the number of clicks. High CVR indicates that the ad is getting relevant clicks from target audience. Usually, CVR is high when an ad is highly relevant with what the users see in the landing page.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA): CPA is calculated by dividing the total ad cost by the number of actions being measured. For example, if you spent 100,000 Won for your ad and received 10 actions, CPA would be 10,000 Won (100,000/10).

Content suggestions

Try to create content that clearly conveys the benefits and advantages of your product or service. It should have a strong message, not just calling the users to click the ad. Having specific information on your ad will be helpful in increasing quality user clicks.

💡 If you have any ‘review-type’ content, you can link that to your ad. Use blogs as your 1st landing page and then lead users to the 2nd landing page, which is your purchase page where users can buy your products. If you add Dable’s script to your purchase page, you can even track final conversions too.

Strategy suggestions

  • Do not set any type of targeting to your campaign, unless there is a specific reason to do so. Expose your ads for at least 7 days so that they will get enough impression.
  • Increase bid for media with high CTR and CVR so that it will have more chance to serve your ads.
  • If a media has high CTR but low conversions, try separating it from the original campaign and add detailed targetings such as Interest Targeting and Gender Targeting.
  • If your campaign is showing low conversion rate, try separating media by performance and create different campaigns with different budget instead of filtering them right ahead.

💡 Although the number varies by industry and content type, average CTR is around 0.1% for PC and 0.3% for mobile.

💡 When focusing on conversions, try to adopt a phased strategy in your campaign. That is, you can set several target CPAs and optimize to come up with the ideal one.

For example, let’s say your target CPA is (A) 15,000 Won . You can set your minimum CPA for running the campaign to (B) 30,000 Won (200% of target CPA), and the maximum CPA to (C) 45,000 Won (300% of target CPA). Then you can optimize as the following:

  • Media’s conversion cost exceeds 300% of target CPA (C): Exclude the media from the campaign
  • Media’s conversion cost is 1~200% of the target CPA (A-B): Maintain media’s CPC and watch its performance.
  • Media’s conversion cost is 2~300% of target CPA (B-C): Separate the media from the original campaign and set lower CPC to reduce exposure. If nothing is improved, exclude it from campaign as needed.
  • Media’s conversion cost is 100% of the target CPA (A): Increase CPC to gain more impressions.

This rate is only an example and should be modified as necessary based on each advertiser’s needs.

For details on how to optimize your active campaign, please click here.

If you have any questions on ad management and performance, please reach out to Dable anytime. For faster support, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link under Help Center to send your account information to us.

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This post is also available in: 한국어