FAQ- How to Set and Run a Campaign

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Create and manage content

What does ‘Your landing page cannot be crawled’ mean?

If you see this message after entering your landing page URL, it means that the search engine crawler cannot crawl the page. To solve this problem, please create robots.txt file and upload it to the top-level directory.

You can still run your campaign without adding robots.txt file, but ad exposure can be limited in some media sites based on their policies. For details on how to add robots.txt on your landing page, please click here.

What does ‘We recommend using HTTPS for enhanced website security and performance.’ mean?

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) is a secure protocol that encrypts data communicated between a server and a web browser.

HTTP does not encrypt data during communication while HTTPS does. So HTTPS keeps data safe from hijackers and protects user privacy. To ensure the safety of users and advertisers, Dable recommends using HTTPS rather than HTTP.

If your landing page URL is already using HTTPS, you will see this message: ‘This landing page is SSL compliant.’

Below are the cases that are considered as ‘not SSL-compliant.’ You can still run an ad without using HTTPS, but ad exposure can be limited due to media policies and Dable can also decide to limit the use of such ad. Noncompliance cases

1. Having no SSL certificate at all or using invalid certificates

The lock icon does not show on the address bar if you do not have any SSL certificatePage does not load when using HTTPS instead of HTTP – SSL certificate has expired

2. Content within the site is using HTTP

– Website is using HTTPS, but the images, sounds and videos within the site are using HTTP

3. The domain authenticated by SSL does not match with the current URL’s domain

The domain address authenticated by SSL does not match with the URL currently in use, In other words, the current URL (domain) cannot be found in the certificate’s SAN list.
Can I use redirect URLs?

To provide the best ad experience to users, Dable does not allow using redirect URLs for landing page URLs. Redirect URLs send users to a page that is different from the URL added during content creation. Shortened URLs, including ‘bit.ly’ are not allowed as well. If a content has a redirect URL, it will be disapproved in the review stage.

I want to create content that collects leads.

If you set your campaign goal to customer lead collection, you can create such content by using Dable’s lead collection form. To create this form, select Mini Content Type or Article Type under Dable Content.

For details on how to create a campaign focusing on lead collection, please click here

Reasons for content disapproval

1. Incorrect thumbnail image size.

Dable supports images in 16:10 (default), 1:1, and 2:1 ratio. If you upload an image that is at least 640*400 pixels (4:3 ratio), it can be automatically adjusted to other 3 ratios mentioned above.

Dable is partnered with various media types, including web portals, apps, blogs and web communities and serves ads on PC and mobile screens. Each site has different designs and mobile sites require the images to be optimized for smaller screens. This is why we need standards for thumbnail size, so that ads can be exposed to various media types and placements.

If you see black areas around the image you uploaded, it means the size is incorrect. Please edit the image and upload again.

2. Images with excessive exposure to certain body parts.

Images that zoom into certain body parts are not allowed. At least two or more body parts should be visible. Images that highlight certain body parts by using circles, arrows or dotted lines are not allowed.

For examples of images, click here.

3. False accusation/information, exaggeration and overstatement in ad text.

Phrases such as ‘government-backed’, ‘government-supported’ or ‘no need to reimburse at all’ are not allowed in ad texts. Use of these phrases may require evidential documents when necessary. Exaggerations such as ‘perfect’, ‘everyone’, ‘at once’, etc. are also not allowed even if the statement is true.

Some expressions such as ‘Lose XX kg!’, ‘Problem solved with just one pill!’, and ‘Complete cure guaranteed!!’ are banned by the Korea Internet Newspaper Association.

Square and round brackets are not allowed, as ads can be misunderstood as news articles.

4. Ad titles and images irrelevant with the landing page.

Dable checks if the content is relevant with its landing page. If it is found to be irrelevant, the content will be disapproved.

e.g. An ad shows cosmetic products in its thumbnail, but the landing page is about stock information.

This also applies to Article type landing pages. Landing page should always show information that is relevant with the ad.

5. ‘Brand name’ is not shown on the landing page.

Advertisers must upload content that is relevant with the registered ad account.

‘Brand name’ is one of the information you must submit during content creation – this is shown to users. Brand name in your content must match with the name registered in your ad account. Also, this name should be visible on the landing page.

What is ‘Image Library’?

Dable provides free image assets to advertisers to help them reduce image production resources and enhance ad performance.

Advertisers can choose from a wide variety of images according to their industry and needs.

They can also check the performance of campaigns that are using images from Image Library. Each image from Image Library will show statistics such as clicks, impressions, ad spent, and response index. These statistics are based on the actual performance of Dable Native Ad for the last 3 months.

When choosing an image, please note that the usage permission will be expired if:

1) Content creation is still incomplete 3 days after saving the image. 2) Content was disapproved 7 days ago but did not request for re-review. 3) Content was created 14 days ago but its campaign is still not activated.

Does Dable have a Content Creation Service?

Yes, we do! We create ad titles and 4 thumbnail images based on our internal data. Please note that this service is not free and you will need to prepare for the landing pages yourself.

  • Service fee: 100,000 KRW per request (Original price: 200,000 KRW)
  • Production period: 7 business days
  • Request for service

This service is currently available in Korea only.

What are the factors that decide response index?

When estimating a response index, we consider various factors such as CTR, impressions, reach, etc

My response index is not shown a negative (-) number.

Response index is shown only if your content has received over 5,000 impressions and 500 clicks over the last 7 days. Besides these two factors, other factors such as media and campaign period are also considered in the calculation process.

If your response index is not shown, it means that the factors mentioned above did not reach the required threshold. The response index will show up once the threshold is reached.

Create and manage campaign

Adjust your CPC to increase ad’s priority and viewability.

When choosing which ads to serve on partner sites, factors such as campaign’s targeting, content quality, and media’s ad serving policy are considered. Many advertisers compete for an ad space, and usually campaigns with high CPC or high-quality content win. For details on CPC bidding settings, click here.

For example, if you increase CPC from 250 KRW to 280 KRW, viewability will increase by 12%. If it is difficult to increase CPC, try creating a high-quality content to increase viewability.

If there is more than one content in a campaign, how are they prioritized in serving?

Content that is most wanted (selected) by users will be automatically chosen.

This post is also available in: 한국어