Dable’s Native Ad

Dable’s Native Ad

Ads that run on Dable’s media network are displayed on specific areas designated only for Dable. This ad space is called ‘personalized recommendations’ or ‘you might also like’ area, which attracts users’ attentions. Learn more on how Dable recommends contents to users.

Main Features of Dable Ads

  • Broad and powerful media network : You can widen the exposure of your ads to more than 1,400 media network including Korea’s biggest media such as Joongang Ilbo, Chosun Ilbo and Hankyoreh. 
  • Effective targeting : You can set all available targeting options including interest, regional, and device targeting. Check which targeting options are available here.
  • Easy management and report : You can easily start and end ad campaigns and optimize your campaign based on data provided in daily reports. For details on performance and report, please check here.

Ad Slots

Native ads will be placed on ad slots agreed by Dable team and media partners. Most of the ads are placed under or on the right side of the main content. Ad placements are always being monitored through A/B test for performance, and can be modified for best results. Examples of how ads are shown can be seen on each partner’s actual ad slots or here.

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