Create Campaigns

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Create Campaigns

In the Campaign Management page, you can find everything related to campaigns. You can create or edit campaigns here.
*Interest targeting and CPC bidding can be configured after a campaign is created.

  1. Go to Campaign Management page.
  2. All the created and active campaigns are listed.
  3. Go to Create Campaign page.

Create New Campaign

1. Create Campaigns

Set Campaign Goals

Select one that closely matches your campaign’s goal.

  • Dable uses ‘Campaign Goal’ as a reference to provide better advertising services. 
  • You can change your goals even after making your campaign.

Select Campaign Type

Select one of the options based on the number of contents you will use in a campaign. Select ‘Single Content Campaign’ if you have 1 content, and ‘Multi-Contents Campaign’ if you have more than 2 contents.

  • You cannot go to the next step if you do not have any contents created.
  • You can add more contents later even if you selected ‘Single Content’ at this step.

* Advanced Options

2. Set Period/Budget

Select budget spending options and limits.

  • Daily Budget: Set maximum amount of budget to spend in a day. Ad cost will be deducted from the remaining budget.
  • Total Budget: Campaign will be allocated with a total budget, and will spend all of this budget (or allocated budget until you increase the limit).

*Advanced Option

  • You can set Geo Targeting and Balance Alert Email.

3. Select Media

You can select which media or device you wish to expose your ads on.
If you want to create a campaign designated to a specific device, please select desktop or mobile.

*Advanced Options

  • If you choose to expose ads to a specific media only (News, Magazine, Entertainment/Sports, Blog, Others, etc.), there will be 10% surcharge on CPC.
  • If you select sites manually, surcharge will be 20%.

4. Other settings – CPC settings

You can adjust CPC by device/media type/site.

  • By adjusting CPC, you can increase priority and viewability.
    (For example, ad viewability increases by 12% when you increase CPC to 280 won from 250 won).

This post is also available in: 한국어