FAQ – Create your ad account

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I forgot my password.

If you cannot remember the password, click on the Forgot Password?  button.

My ID and password is correct, but I cannot login.

Did you stop serving ads for more than 90 days? If so, your account may have been deactivated. Please contact us here to reactivate the account.

Do I need to make written contracts to serve ads on Dable network?

No, you don’t need to. Just agree to the Terms of Service that appears when you first log in to the marketing dashboard.

What is an Official Partner?

Official Partners of Dable Native Ad have more experience and expertise in running campaigns on Dable network. You will experience high-quality account and content management and performance. To see a list of Official Partners, click here.

Are only Official Partners allowed to provide service to advertisers?

No, any agency can provide service to advertisers who are interested in Dable. Please contact us here for commission rates.

Do agencies need to make a written contract with Dable to provide service?

No, you do not need to make a written contract. Just agree to the Terms of Service that appears when you first log in to the marketing dashboard.

I want to receive an advertiser account that served ads on Dable through another agency. How can I do this?

Dable does not involve in account transfers among agencies. Please discuss the issue thoroughly with the respective agency to make an agreement.

Things to check before transferring account

  • Dable does not provide commissions for the budget remaining in the advertiser account that is to be transferred. Commissions were paid in advance at the time when the former agency made a payment, so we cannot pay the commission again as it has already been paid to the former agency.
  • You can only transfer accounts among agency accounts. You may not transfer a directly-managed account to an agency account. Instead, you should ask the agency to create your advertiser account.
  • Promotional credits cannot be reallocated to another account and will be expired.

How to transfer account

  1. Allow ownership request
    The former agency should change the ownership request status to Allow from Disallow.
    – Marketing dashboard – Manage All Accounts – Permissions – Uncheck ‘Disallow ownership requests’
  2. Request for ownership 
    – Manage All Accounts – Permissions – Click the ‘+Request Ownership’ button
  3. Transfer is complete when the former agency accepts the request
I used to run an advertiser account by myself but now I want to ask an agency to do this for me. How can I do this?

Account transfer is only available among agency accounts. Please ask the agency to create an advertiser account for you. If you still want to use your existing account, please contact us here.

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This post is also available in: 한국어 Tiếng Việt