AppsFlyer Integration Guide

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Integration Process

1. AppsFlyer Settings

1) Integrated Partners

1. Configuration – Integrated Partners – Enter ‘dable’ in the search box
2. Click the ‘dable’ – Activate Partner →  Activate partner for attribution and postback transfer

2) Attribution Link

Configuration – Integrated Partners – Click the ‘dable’ – Click the ‘Attribution Link’ button
  • Check the Attribution Link that connects to the app market (Google Play or App store)
  • Copy the URL and use it as the landing URL when creating contents in Dable
  • Lookback window is the period of time to measure achievements. For example, if you set the lookback window to 7 days, only the events that have occurred within 7 days after clicking on the ad will be recognized as the achievement of the ad network.
  • *Parameter value is automatically matched by Dable, so no setting is required

3) In-App Events

1. Configuration – Integrated Partners – Click the ‘dable’ – Activate Partner – Activate In-App Events Postback & Add Event
2. Select Event Name and Partner Event Name → On the left side, select the event name assigned from the advertiser app. For the partner event name on the right side, choose from the Dable event names below and make a match

10 Dable event names

  • Install: dable_evt_install
  • View: dable_evt_view_content
  • Sign up & Enter information: dable_evt_registration
  • Login: dable_evt_login
  • Open App: dable_evt_app_open
  • Shopping Cart: dable_evt_add_to_cart
  • Purchase: dable_evt_purchase (If you want to track purchase events, you need to check the ‘Send Revenue’ button)
  • event1: dable_evt_custom_1
  • event2: dable_evt_custom_2
  • event3: dable_evt_custom_3

In-app event postback window refers to the period of sending the postback to Dable on in-app events that take place after install, reattribution, and reengagement

4) OneLink

1. Engagement & Deep Linking – OneLink Configuration – Add OneLink *Select OneLink Name & App
2. Engagement & Deep Linking – Link Management – Add Custom Attribution Link *Select link type (related guide)
3. 1 General Setting – Link Name and OneLink Configuration – click the ‘Create Link’ at the bottom *Select the OneLink set at 4-1 in the ‘Onelink Setting’ tab *Enter ‘Dable’ for Media Source
4. Select Link – Long Link *Only Long Link can be used

This post is also available in: 한국어